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"For Clients inside Perú"


We are in the same country and therefore the payment forms are quite simpler!!!
In Peru we accept payments for bank deposits and Western Union.

Please, make the deposit directly to our Bank Bill. Remember that if you have a bill of savings in the Bank of Credit, he/she can make this transfer directly from Internet entering
Banco de Crédito
Bill of Savings in Dollars
It counts Number: 194-11796427-1-81
Name: Catterine Susana Quiroz Velásquez

After please making the transfer and/or deposit sends us an e-mail to indicating the transfer number and/or deposit, your name, telephone and address.

As it is the case, we will send your confirmation by e-mail or our representative will visit you in the next 24 hours taking you the Vouchers, air passage and/or tickets corresponding to the service that you have reserved receiving them in the comfort of your hotel, home or office.

It is the simplest way and with less steps as much for you as for Us!!! Western Union and money Gram is present in almost all the world, I am sure that there is one near your house, good known as "Money in Minutes". Locate them in your yellow pages or calling to 103 and they will give you the phone number from the nearest office to you.

These is the data that you have to use to make the transfer:

Name: Catterine Susana Quiroz Velásquez
Address: Mz. M. Lote 17 Urb. Santa Leonor - Chorrillos
Country: Perú
City: Lima
Telephone: 467-6554
And send us an e-mail to with the transaction number, the name of the person who made the deposit and the country you are making the transfer from.

I reiterate you my feelings of Gratitude for trusting us and in the service that we offer and I hope we end up beginning excellent commercial relationships and of friends, always working under our fundamental pillars of Honor, honesty and Good Will!!!
I wish you a lot of success from the whole Team of Rundomundo!
Many Greetings,

Catterine Quiroz Velásquez
Administrative manager