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1st Day:

-    Welcome in the Iquitos airport and transfer to the port.

-    Ride three hours by the Amazon River using a speed boat.

-    Warm welcome in the Muyuna Lodge and accommodation in the bungalows.

-    You will receive a list  where you can identify the animals you will see later.

-    Lunch.

-    Brief hiking to Yarina trail to look for birds and medicinal plants.

-    Birdwatching in Yarina lake  while you enjoy a greenest sunset in your life.

-    Return to the lodge and have dinner.

  2nd Day:

-    Boat trip to Corrientillo lake looking for difference species of birds such as the white throated tucan, yellow ridge tucan, aracaries (small tucans), egrets and herons, kinfishers, oropendulas, horned screamers caciques, cormorants, anhingas, vultures, antbirds, black collared hawk, antshrikes, antpitas, tapaculos, barbets, woodpeckers, trogons, etc.

-     Lunch in the lodge.

-    Afternoon boat ride along the Yanayacu River to Juanachi lake looking for more different species of birds of the Igapo forest such as parrots, macaws, kingfishers, herons, jacanas, seedeaters, flycatchers, antbirds, tinamus, doves and pigeons, screamers, muscovy ducks, cormorants, etc.

-    Dinner at the lodge.

-    Night boat ride looking for nocturnal birds, such as potoos, pauraques, night herons, bats, owls, night hawks.

  3rd Day:

-    Exploring the Pungal lake and look for the unique pre-historic looking bird call the Hoatzin.

-    Lunch.

-    Short hike into the Igapo forest looking for more birds and other kind of wildlife in their own habitat such as cuckoos, chachalacas,  hummingbirds, nunbirds, doves, tinamus, woodpeckers, fruitcrows, pigeons, tamarin monkeys squirrel monkeys, titi monkeys and the world’s smallest monkey the pygmy marmoset, etc.

-    Dinner at the lodge.

-    Night boat ride looking for caimans ( little alligators), birds, tarantulas, etc.

  4th Day:

-    Boat ride looking for land in  the Amazon River and hike to see the different type of birds in between Igapo and Terra Firme forests.

-    Enjoy the Amazon sandy beaches.

-    Swimming with the pink and gray River dolphins.

-    Return to the lodge and have lunch.

-    Village Visit and learn more about their customs.

-    Check list about all the animals and birds you have seen during the trip.

-    Transport to Iquitos, by a speed boat.

-    Transport to the hotel and airport or only to the airport.

-   End  of our services.

N° Pax





16 to +

Price per  person 

US $360

US $305

US $275

US $235

US $190


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