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The place where Muyuna is located is the most adequate for fishing, just because there are ten lakes surrounding the area.  They have more fish than the Amazon River because of their calm current.  We can find the peacock bass which is very difficult to capture because it untie from the fishhook, the octopus (which is one of the 2 species of fish in the world with lungs), ornamental fish, cat fish, sardines, 33 kinds of piranhas, etc.


1st Day:

-    Transport from Iquito’s Airport to harbor and to Muyuna Lodge. 

-    Sail three hours by the Amazon upRiver using a speed boat.

-    Reception at the Lodge and briefing about the activities to practice during your stay.

-    A little brochure about the fauna of the region is provided.

-    Lunch.

-    Short walk in the surroundings to identify medicinal plants and get used to the place.

-    Afternoon visit to the Corrientillo Lagoon to practice piranha fishing, while enjoying the sunset.

-    Return to the lodge to have dinner.

-    Night visit in search of the black cayman and other night creatures from the Amazon jungle.

 2nd Day:

-    Early in the morning (6:00 am) you will be waken up by the whistle of hundreds of birds, we will go out at that hour and see them.

-    Have breakfast in the lodge.

-    Fish peacock bass in the Huito Lake, one of the furthest from the lodge, therefore, almost inaccessible for people.

-    Lunch and dinner outdoor.

-    Learn to use a fishing net like indigenous people and to leave it overnight.

-    Sleep in camping.

 3rd Day:

-    Early in the morning, you will take the fish from the net you set last night, and receive with surprise the immense variety of fish.

-    For breakfast, cook Iquitos typical dish that consist in banana and the fish enveloped by a leaf.

-    Canoe after breakfast to the Bufeo Lake, to fish with arrows, like the Indians

-    Lunch in the lake.

-    Try to fish launchings rays.

-    Return to the lodge for dinner.

-    Night excursion to see tarantulas in the strangle figs.

 4th Day:

-    Take breakfast in the lodge.

-    Go to the Amazon River to look for the different kinds of cat fish, etc.

-    Outdoor lunch in one of the white-sand beaches of the Amazon

-    Return to the lodge for dinner (*)

(*)  The passenger can decide if he wants to sleep in one of the beaches of the Amazon or return to the lodge

 5th Day:

-    Breakfast in the lodge or in the Amazon River (depending on where the night was spent)

-    Visit to the Corrientillo Lake to look for sloth and monkeys.

-    Lunch in the lodge

-    Return to Iquitos

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16 to +

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